IVA History

After a year of planning and preparation, the IVA brand was born in Malaysia on January 2006. IVA Professional Audio was the brainchild of 2 brilliant pioneers of the industry in Malaysia, Mr Wong and his partner Mr Seng. With the strength and experience of AVEM the parent company, IVA entered the professional
audio market with a bang, featuring an impressive line up of products such as speakers, amplifiers, microphones and even acoustic guitars. Later the same year, IVA introduced a drumset, high powered amplifiers, wireless microphones, karaoke systems and even line array speaker systems.

IVA’s market presence has been growing ever since and continues to be a leading brand in Malaysia. Not resting on its laurels, IVA continues to build strength by forging strategic partnerships with companies from the USA, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines and China, utilizing their technologies and materials to make better products and improving performance and quality. IVA is a truly Malaysian product with a perfect
blend of international technologies and expertise.

In 2012, IVA injected new life into the brand and product. A new brand logo was introduced to symbolize its new direction and to present itself to the market with well defined clarity and identity. With that, IVA gladly brings to you the sound of creativity, joy, happiness, intellect and boundless energy.



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