How many set of IVA wireless mic can be used together at the same time?

Everyone is confused with the term “channel” in wireless microphone. I have a 200 channel (CH) wireless mic but that does not mean I can set 200 transmitter and used all of them together. The purpose of CH is for the user’s convenience to switch to problem free CH if one problematic CH is encountered. More channel means more switching options. As example, IVA PRO-UD2 has 200 CH while IVA UX-34D has 34 CH. If there is one CH is problematic with interference, user still has 199 CH options and UX-34D still has 33 CH options.

If the CH is not able to be used to determine how many transmitter or set of receiver (IVA wireless mic one receiver is paired with 2 transmitter) to be used, then how we can determine how sets can be used together? You could check the specification of the product and check how many sets can be used together. If not state, user can check BANDWIDTH. For example, PRO-UD2, we have 30 Mhz bandwidth (865Mhz-835Mhz=30Mhz). UX-34D has 24.7Mhz (692.850 Mhz – 668.150 Mhz = 24.7Mhz). User may check with other brand of wireless mic, their bandwidth is approximate about 24 Mhz to 42 Mhz.

Frequency setting for each transmitter is a very tedious and professional job. We will not going deep into this topic for now and leave this to the professional. A layman and reliable way to set frequency to transmitter is to set them 3Mhz apart. This kind of setting should provide user the most reliable, secure and stable frequency transmission. If the gap is lower than 2Mhz, it is more prone to intermodulation (an interference created by crowded frequencies). Intermodulation is created not matter what system and brand you are using and it is unavoidable. The only way to minimize it is by correctly setting the frequency for all transmitter. Back to the 3Mhz gap rule, with 30 Mhz bandwidth, we could set up of 10 transmitter or 5 set of receivers.  For 24Mhz bandwidth, it will be 8 transmitter or 4 sets. These are all theoretical calculation but in real field, the number of sets that working together may different. If the environment is crowded with frequency, then it is sad to say that the maximum set is not possible. If the environment is clean, the maximum set is possible.

Wondering how those big event where many wireless are used and worked perfectly fine together? This can be achieve by setting up different frequency families. IVA Pro-UD2 has 2 families; 762.5 – 787.373 Mhz family and 835 – 865 Mhz family. 762.5 – 787.373 family has a 24 Mhz bandwidth while the 835 – 865 Mhz family has a 30 Mhz bandwidth. By having 2 families, the number of maximum set is expanded to 9 sets. Imagine the maximum sets can be achieve if we have 10 families.