How to choose IVA Amplifiers?

With so many series of amplifier from IVA, one will be easily confused when choosing the model. IVA care about sound and care your requirement. That’s is why IVA have different series to suit your need and taste. We conducted a blind test on the these amplifiers.

We are using the very best mixer, CD player & speaker available in our showroom. These equipment is used throughout the blind test as reference equipment. Here’s the 4 model we have pitted against each other. All amplifiers are identified as A, B, C and D and is played with the same song over and over. Quick switch between amplifier is done using an amplifier switcher. After the audiences gave their comment on each amplifier, only that we will reveal the actual model of A, B, C and D.l

Amplifier Specification                                                                                                                                                 

  IVA Pro-12 IVA M-11MKII IVA M-7.0 IVA S-8.0
8 ohm 2x700W 2x700W 2x700W 2x800W
4 ohm 2x1150W 2x1100W 2x1100W 2x1200W
2 ohm 2x1400W 2x1400W 2x1400W 2x1600W
8 ohm bridge 2100W 2100W 2200W 2400W
4 ohm bridge 2800W 2800W - 3200W
Damping Factor >550 >500 >600 >500

According to the audiences, IVA Pro-12 is the best IVA amplifier. The sound is very round and comfortable for all its frequency range. It’s punch is obviously better than the rest and the warmness could be felt throughout the demo song. IVA M-11MKII and IVA M-7.0 have a very close call and the audiences is giving some thought and time to re”listen” for determine the difference. By the end of the session, they concluded IVA M-11MKII has good clarity where the high and mid frequency is slightly better. This does not mean IVA M-7.0 is a bad amplifier as the low frequency of IVA M-7.0 definitely better. The punch and kick of IVA M-7.0 is definitely in the upper hand. Overall impression Finally, IVA S-8.0 shows its might in high and mid frequency. The clarity is very good and easily among the best amplifier to be used for outdoor. Some does not favor the thinnest of the sound but when the model is revealed, everyone is overjoyed with the performance of this lightweight amplifier. The power is there and the performance is there for such lightweight amplifier.




From those comments, we suggest if you want ultimate performance, go for IVA Pro-12. For budget with reasonable performance, go for IVA M-11MII since it is most affordable IVA amplifier. Or you would like more aggressive high and mid frequency which suitable for outdoor, go for IVA M-11MKII. If you like “bassy” sound quality with reasonable budget, choose IVA M-7.0. For portability, lightweight and power, choose IVA S-8.0. After such characteristic & explanation on each model, what will be your choice?

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