AES67-IO IVA AES67-IO Audio Network Interface Machine


AES67-IO is equipped with a built-in AES67 module, capable of converting analog signals to AES67 digital signals. It includes a dual-channel input with phantom power switches, allowing for enhanced flexibility. The dual-channel input also features gain adjustment, allowing users to fine-tune audio levels to their preferences. With a dual-channel two-in-one canon input interface, the device offers versatile connectivity options. Additionally, it supports standard 120-type embedded box installation for seamless integration into various setups.


  • Built-in AES67 module, capable of converting analog signals to AES67 digital signals;
  • Dual-channel input phantom power switch;
  • Dual-channel input gain adjustment;
  • Dual-channel two-in-one canon input interface;
  • Standard 120-type embedded box installation

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