DPM-2.15 / DPM-4.9 / DPM-4.13 Digital Power Amplifier


At the dawn of digital amplification, IVA offer the DPM series amplifier with performance and reliability as the top features. Digital amplification offers a new technology which allows constant voltages regarding of the load impedance. This voltage stability is extremely needed in the era of power hungry speaker system. Protection mode has been a upgrade from conventional amplifier where signal distortion is totally eliminated and signal remain at the maximum voltage without any signal distortion. Another innovative feature which only possible in digital amplification is the voltage peak limiter. The VPL allows you to set the correct output power for the connected speaker type and the load of connected channel.


  • Lightweight & powerful amplifier
  • Extremely Stable Voltage Output
  • 8 ohm / 4 ohm load capability
  • Elimination of Output Signal Distortion
  • Voltage peak Limiter to match load
  • Multiple speed fans
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