DP-12MKIII 500 Watts 2-Way 12

DP Series

One of the first few products from IVA, the DP series is a beast by nature. It is exceptionally powerful yet delivers crystal clear sound to the audience. The multi-plywood cabinet is designed for robustness and ruggedness and is able to withstand rough use. The DP series has a unique HF horn flare design that allows for 2 different dispersion angles for near and far field simultaneously. This ensures the high frequencies are evenly distributed across the distance. For the discerning users, the core strength of the DP series lies in the drivers installed within. These drivers are carefully selected from Eminence (USA) and Fane (UK), and meticulously matched with our custom crossover circuits. A fine example of integrating proven western technology into the Malaysian designed DP series speakers


  • 500W "Eminence Inside" long excursion 12" woofer for low frequency
  • 80W "Eminence Inside" Titanium 2" voice coil compressor driver for high frequency response.
  • Multi-ply wood for extreme durability cabinet handling.
  • Unique hornflare with multi dispersion against distance 50~100\u00BA horizontal
  • Built-in aero track to ease the flying of speaker
  • Built-in pole cup
  • Dual speakon terminal