PM-8270PM-8270 Powered Mixer

IVA Powered Mixer provided unparalleled sonic quality at the high affordability.  IVA PM-8270 audio powered mixer delivers a true power of 270W per channel at 4 ohm load. No less and no more, it deliver the power as it promised. This powered mixer is combination of audio mixer, amplifier, audio effect, MP3 Player and Bluetooth Player into a single attractive and flexible portable PA system. With such powerful feature built under the hood, the engineer manage to ensure outlook look good to our eyes. With slanting panel mimicking digital board and long fader, the design is fantastic and ensure any PA setup look professional.  


  • 8 Mono Input Channels with silver plated XLRs and Balanced Line Inputs
  • Ultra-low noise discrete Mic Preamps with +48 V Phantom Power
  • Ultra-musical 3-band EQ on all channels
  • Peak LEDs all Mono Channels
  • 1 Aux Send per channel for external effects
  • Built in digital multi effects (16 DSP)
  • Highly accurate 11 segment Bargraph Meters
  • Built-in USB & SD slots with MP3 playing system c/w Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth system to control the next & previous function on behalf of the smartphone
  • 100mm Long Fader